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Two-axis shredder purchase tips guide

In recent years because of the waste material recycling market continues to be hot, the two-axis shredder is the core equipment of waste material shredder, and the purchase of the two-axis shredder is also a knowledge. Many customers do not understand the equipment, easy to be two-axis shredder factory misled, the purchase of equipment can not reach their expectations, so in the purchase of two-axis shredder, what aspects to investigate?

Two-axis shredder purchase tips guide

First, determine the purchase target

To purchase the core of the two-axis shredder to understand the enterprise purchase equipment to achieve the goal, according to the target standard to comprehensively consider whether the equipment meets the requirements, specific can refer to the following content:

1. The type of material processed, hardness and general size of the material determine the size of the feeding port of the equipment and the hardness requirements of the tool;

2. Particle size requirements for processing finished products, for example, biaxial shredding machine manufacturer-Shuangxing Machinery machine will choose different claws according to different customers' requirements for shredding particle size;

3. The production demand is directly related to equipment model and motor power;

4. Whether the purity of the material is required to be high, if the purity is required to ensure, it is necessary to configure the magnetic separator in the production of separation, if the material is unified and the purity requirements are not high, you can consider not;

5 determine the purchase of equipment budget, whether to consider the installation of dust remover, conveyor belt demand several, manual feeding or feeding machine material, these will affect the specific two-axis shredder and production line composition, affecting the price of equipment.

Second, understand the market

Double shaft shredder in recent years supply exceeds demand, many manufacturers customers fierce competition, so the customer can multi-inspection equipment situation, equipment technical standards, equipment performance demand, equipment market price, different equipment price differences and reasons, and at the same time for the Two Shaft Shredder manufacturers to consider.

Third, the inspection equipment price and quality, service

Double shaft shredding machine price and quality is closely related, the price of equipment is linked to the cost of equipment, but if the price compared to the market price range difference is larger, must be tricky, when the purchase to choose carefully. At the same time, the comprehensive strength of equipment manufacturers and after-sales service should also be understood, to ensure that the twin-shaft shredder manufacturers by enough customer cases, to ensure that all quality problems and maintenance of the equipment to solve.

Fourth, equipment in the field of commissioning

At present, many manufacturers provide shredding display for customers on site. Customers can carry the materials they need to deal with on site for testing, and check shredding materials and equipment working conditions.

Two-axis shredder purchase tips guide

For customers who buy equipment for the first time, brand and word of mouth is the first standard of purchase, don't take chances to choose some equipment with low price rashly. Good equipment manufacturer in the performance, guaranteed quality and after-sale services, the content will directly affect the biaxial shredding machine price, the interests of the users only see the long term, to ensure that the choose and buy to a more suitable biaxial shredding machine, Shuangxing Machinery shredded vendors would as 15 years, adhere to customer interests, according to the core of the equipment for the production quality, welcome customers to inquire at any time.
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